Mattress Reviews- Understandable and Personal

Welcome to Slumber Sage’s mattress reviews!  We understand that looking for a mattress can be a confusing process.  There’s a lot of choices, a lot of confusing terms, and a lot of misinformation out there.  With that in mind, we sought to create a central location where you can read reviews of all the mattress brands that you are considering.  We put a lot of time and care into our reviews so we can provide the most accurate information possible.

Our Methodology
In most cases, we try to get our hands on the mattress and test it out ourselves.  While we understand that people can react quite differently to certain mattresses (a lot of what makes a great mattress can come down to personal preference), we generally want to test the mattresses out ourselves to see what we notice and to see if we can confirm what others say about the bed.

In addition, we spend a very significant amount of time reading all of the available reviews of each brand across the Internet (we also recommend the reviews from Mattress Clarity).  We are very aware of which sources provide independent reviews and which sources may not.  The source of the reviews is a big factor in whether we end up using that information and incorporating it into our own review.  For example, if there is a site where a person does not have to verify that they actually purchased the mattress before they can write a review, we may place less emphasis on those types of reviews because they are potentially prone to tampering.

We also thoroughly analyze the construction of the mattresses.  In some cases, we speak with representatives of the company to get a better idea of what goes into the construction of the mattress.  This can give us a clear picture of the quality of the materials and the potential durability of the mattress.  A mattress may feel really good when you test it out at a store, but if it uses poor materials in its construction, it may not last for very long, it may sag not long after purchase, and it may have a host of other problems you would not enjoy.

Between our own experience, canvassing all of the reviews available online (with a discerning eye), and analyzing the construction of each mattress, we are able to ultimately develop a thesis on the mattress and provide a recommendation (or word of caution).  Our ultimate goal is to make our reviews very easy to understand.

We eventually want to provide a review of every major mattress brand.  As such, we know that it will take time for us to compile all of the information necessary to do that.  We don’t want to sacrifice the quality of our information in order to expedite the process.

Our mattress reviews

Here are the categories of mattresses we have reviewed:

Memory Foam

Latex Foam