White Noise Sound Machine Reviews

Sound machines are a standard option for producing white noise during sleep to combat other competing sounds.  These days sound machines can be quite advanced, with app integration, iPod adapters and numerous other high-end options.  These machines make sound waves that the brain can easily interpret, helping to quiet the mind and leading to deeper and less frequently interrupted sleep.  The machines often offer a number of different sounds so that the customer can find the noise and sound level that suits them.

Our Rating Criteria

We evaluate sound machines on the market through the following categories – ease of use, value, sound selection, and extra features.

Ease of use

Many machines on the market today are in an arms race to add additional features, smartphone integration, and really whatever else you can think of.  Many of these features are good for the customer, but not if they make the sound machine overly complex.  We first look at ease of use and quality of the basic features during evaluation.


We know that customers are looking for different things out of their sound machine – some are willing to pay top dollar for every possible option and feature, while others just want the basics with some sounds that suit them well.  The value category helps us look at all the options while thinking most about real value added for the cost.

Sound selection and quality

Rainforest sounds, crickets, waves of the ocean, a basic hum, a crackling fire – it’s really hard to determine which noise will suit your (and your spouses) sleep cycle best.  It’s always better to get a machine with more options so that you can test different parameters out.  This category also takes into consideration the quality of sound and volume levels.

Additional features

All sound machines will provide the basic sounds, but some customers enjoy additional features in the machine.  This might include an alarm clock, iPod integration, app integration, battery powered, an aesthetically pleasing appearance – and many other options, depending on the sound machine.  This category looks at the quality and use of these additional features and the impact that they have on your night’s rest.