My journey started when I was in my late 20s and developed some lower back pain from athletic activities.  I decided to invest in a new mattress to help quell the pain, and ended up spending a lot of money on a memory foam mattress.  The product ended up being only average, and more importantly I felt like there was a ton of information coming at me from many different directions, with very little of it being easy to understand.

There are a number of places you can turn to – but half of them are all about selling you a specific brand (the mattress salesman, mattress retailers, manufacturers) and half of them are your friends and family that only buy a mattress once every 5-10 years.  Thus I created Slumber Sage, originally as a way to add a greater layer of transparency to the mattress purchasing process.  The original posts focused on understanding the core concepts and benefits to certain types of mattresses (e.g. memory foam vs latex) and reviewing specific mattresses with easy-to-understand information.

The initial information really struck a chord with many consumers, and the Slumber Sage community grew at a pace much faster than I expected, partly due to the appearance of direct-to-consumer mattress companies that were also discontent with the standard mattress model.

By the request of many readers, I expanded the site to cover much more than mattresses, but sleep in general.  We started reviewing other sleep products, talking about sleep disorders, and then moved to general sleep tips.  All information still aims to be easy to read and informative.  We’ve also added a designer to the team, hoping to provide relevant information in a beautiful way that hasn’t really been done before.

Thanks for visiting the site, you’re the one that makes Slumber Sage possible.  If you have any ideas or burning unanswered sleep questions, please contact us.  We love hearing from you.

Sleep well,

Kenny Kline, Founder of Slumber Sage