Casper Mattress Discount And Promo Code

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Casper will occasionally offer discounts to give customers a discount during purchase.  The amount is set, most often varying between $50-$75 off, no matter the size of the mattress. Though Casper is fairly reasonably priced, I think that there are better deals to be found on other mattresses of equal or higher quality.

Casper doesn’t have a formal or advertised promo code, rather once a person has purchased the mattress, it provides a referral link.  This link will get you $50-$75 off your purchase, as well as give the other customer a $50-$75 refund on their purchase.  Thus if you have a friend who already got the Casper mattress, ask them for their coupon code and do both of yourselves a favor!

The Casper mattress ships directly to consumer, cutting out the traditional mattress store – so it’s already a pretty good deal as far as mattresses go.  Getting the discount on top of the already reasonable price definitely puts the Casper at a good price range for most mattress buyers.

Many mattress companies have been known to launch with this referral discount strategy, then discontinue it after a certain period of time.  Thus we expect that the discount code will be discontinued at some time in the future as the brand becomes more established, however the Casper mattress promo code may very well continue through 2015 and beyond.

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