Discussion Of Saatva’s Coupons And Pricing

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Saatva’s online-only business model allows them to price their product very favorably compared to similar mattresses found in retail stores.  It is true that there are huge markups in the mattress industry, and if you cut out the middle man in the process, you can provide big savings to the consumer.  This has allowed Saatva and other online mattress retailers to be successful, and I expect even more new companies to enter the market and current companies to adapt more to this model as well.  It has also been applied to other industries, like with Warby Parker, for example.

(Saatva explains their coupon policy HERE).

With these types of companies, their value proposition is that they are passing on as much of the cost savings from selling online to the consumer as possible.  So to occasionally have a discount or coupon code available in my opinion would send a mixed message.  That would imply that they don’t always offer as much value to the consumer as they can.  For that reason, I think Saatva’s decision not to offer general discounts or coupons is a good one.  It’s very transparent and certainly bucks the trend infamous in the mattress industry of confusion, phony sales, and a lack of transparency.  While we would all love to find an extra discount when we are about to buy something, I believe Saatva is stating that they are already giving an amazing value to the consumer and thus it doesn’t make sense for them to provide an additional discount.  From a business standpoint, I think this is the right decision to make.

Having said this, you can get a discount at checkout if you share your purchase on Facebook.  You’ll get an extra $10 off your purchase.  That isn’t much, but it’s pretty low effort to get it.

It is natural in this industry to think of sales and discounts.  There are always huge sales around the holidays and the industry is well-known for this.  Having said that, I do think Saatva is being genuine in claiming it already passes a very substantial value to its consumers and thus does not need to provide any discounts or coupons.

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