The Best King Mattress Protectors

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Chances are you spent a pretty penny on your king mattress. These luxurious and large beds are definitely worth it; that is, if you take care of them properly. Within a matter of moments, your mattress can go from looking and feeling brand new to permanently stained and damaged. Even if you manage to scrub away most of the damage, odors and bacteria will still linger, making for an unclean sleep space. 

There’s only one way to keep a spilled drink or pet accident from ruining your premium sleep set-up. With the easy installation of a king mattress protector, you’ll gain peace of mind and a serene sleep knowing that you and your mattress are protected. Here are our top picks for the best king mattress protectors. 

Best vinyl-free

Safe and hypoallergenic

Before you put anything on your bed, make sure it’s safe. This vinyl-free mattress protector is free of harmful substances, guaranteeing you a safe sleep every night. 

This option comes in a fitted sheet style which easily slips on and stays put. It’s made of soft terry cotton fabric, which is naturally hypoallergenic. This choice sports a protective waterproof layer that repels all spills, accidents, and stains. 

What’s great about it: 

  • Fitted sheet style
  • Protects against dust mites, allergens, and germs 
  • Made of comfortable terry cotton
  • 100-percent waterproof

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Best mattress pad

Soft and pillowy

Mattress pads are a great way to add a comfortable and protective layer between you and your mattress. This mattress pad is extra soft and pillowy, and will upgrade your sleep instantly. 

Although this mattress pad isn’t waterproof, it will lessen the severity of stains by providing a barrier for your bed. What’s more, it will add a cozy softness to your bed. Add this layer of cushion to your sleep space, and you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.  

What’s great about it: 

  • Machine-washable 
  • Quilted design keeps fiberfill from moving around
  • Adds comfort, support, and protection
  • Deep pockets

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Best smooth

Waterproof and quiet

For great bed protection that’s barely noticeable, we suggest going with a thin and smooth mattress protector. 

This smooth encasement adds a minimal layer to your bed to provide complete security from spills and stains. This option slips over your king mattress seamlessly, and will hang on tight throughout the night. This cover is also completely noiseless and crinkle-free, ensuring it won’t keep you up while you’re trying to sleep. 

What’s great about it: 

  • Ultra-thin 
  • Fully-elasticized 
  • 100-percent waterproof
  • Noiseless 

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Best deep pocket

Breathable and snug

If your king mattress is higher than most, you’ll need a protector that can measure up. This deep pocket king mattress protector can fit beds up to 21 inches high. 

This option is made of a polyester and cotton blend, two fabrics known for being naturally hypoallergenic, durable, and breathable. These materials are also extremely easy to maintain. When it’s time to wash this product, simply throw it in the washer and dryer for a quick and easy cleaning. 

What’s great about it: 

  • Fits all king mattresses
  • Great air ventilation 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Free of harmful substances 

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Best cooling

Comfortable and washable

Whether you’re dressing your bed for the summertime or you like a cool sleep all year-round, we recommend a cooling king mattress protector. 

This cooling option does a fantastic job at regulating your temperature by wicking moisture away and allowing airflow. This pad features a comfy quilted pattern, as well as deep pockets that stretch to comfortably fit any mattress. For a snuggly sleep that doesn’t cause you to overheat, you’ll love this pillowy option.

What’s great about it: 

  • Fully elasticized 
  • Quilted pattern 
  • Allows excellent airflow
  • Deep pockets fit all king mattresses 

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Best noiseless

Cozy and durable 

If you go for a noisy mattress protector that makes a lot of sound, there’s no way you’ll get a sound sleep. 

This noiseless king mattress protector promises to stay quiet while you catch Z’s. This option silently and comfortably slips over your mattress, and provides a soft, smooth, and protective surface. Although it’s barely noticeable, it does it’s job well. It’s backed by a TPU waterproof membrane that keeps all liquids far and away from your bed. 

What’s great about it: 

  • Made of soft terry cotton 
  • Features 100-percent waterproof membrane layer
  • Fitted sheet style
  • Breathable

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How to pick the best king mattress protector for your needs

Are you on the hunt for a king mattress protector? If so, we recommend figuring out your game plan first. The bedding market is saturated with these bed coverings, and each one varies greatly from the next. Look at the factors of material, style, and breathability to figure out your preferences before you set out on your search. 

Material: When choosing material, it all comes down to comfort, durability, and safety. Cotton and polyester are commonly used to make up mattress protectors because they hit all three categories. 

Style: Before shopping, decide whether you want a fitted sheet style or a zippered option. Both are great; however, zippered options offer a little more protection. This factor all comes down to just how much coverage you’re looking for. 

Breathability: Breathability is a big factor when it comes to choosing a mattress protector. If you suffer from night sweats or find yourself easily overheating throughout the night, you’ll want to choose an option that’s extra breathable. Luckily, many options allow for excellent airflow and clearly state this benefit on their packaging. 


As you can see, it won’t cost you much money or time to protect your mattress. These bed coverings are quite simple in design; however, they can make a huge difference. We highly recommend choosing one of the aforementioned options to complete your sleep space. 

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