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I came across a recent Huffington post article that I thought was intriguing.  It discusses Loom and Leaf specifically and the “mattress wars” generally.  I think it is just more evidence that people believe the standard retail mattress business model is broken.  The fact that more and more companies are entering the online-only space means that a LOT of people agree with this notion.  I believe that the trend of acceptance of this notion will only continue steadily over time.  While I understand that the big companies aren’t too concerned about this in the meantime, I don’t really agree with their position.  The fact that there are so many start-ups in this space means that the incumbents should be worried, in my opinion.

I believe Loom & Leaf has positioned themselves a little bit differently from the other mattress startups for a couple of reasons.  For one, they are a pure memory foam mattress, unlike the hybrid mattresses that we see from other companies.  Some people just love memory foam (while others hate it no matter what), so I think it makes a lot of good business sense to target memory foam specifically.  Second, Loom and Leaf seems to be going after a comparison to Tempur-Pedic specifically, which typically means a comparison to a much higher price point.  I think as time progresses, that will only become the case more and more.

mattress wars

We’ve seen the online retailers attack the lower and middle price points.  Now, I think the next logical step would be for companies to attack the luxury market.  Lastly, it looks like the company is trying to separate itself as not being a “bed in a box.”  I see nothing wrong with shipping in a box, as it does have a lot of benefits.  It does show a little bit of extra luxury to have in-home delivery and setup, however.

I think we’ve seen just about every online startup have success so far.  I think that will continue to be the case until the market gets really saturated.  Check out the Huffington Post Article on Loom & Leaf here.

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