My Experience In Providing Mattress Recommendations

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I’ve reviewed a lot of mattresses in my day (see my list here) and have certainly slept on a lot of different mattresses.  Most of my recommendations turn out very well, but I don’t always have a 100% hit rate.  I’ve noticed over the years that it just isn’t possible to nail down what the perfect mattress would be for each individual.

This is an important point and one reason why I use caution when someone asks me “is there a perfect mattress for me?”  It really does come down to individual feel.  I recommended the same mattress to two of my friend in the past couple of months.  One thought it was absolutely perfect and the other that it was a little bit too firm.  This quick example just shows that it really depends on the person’s likes and preferences, in addition to their body type and sleeping style.  What really works for one person might not work for another person.

Mattress Recommendation Track Record

At the same time, I am becoming much more comfortable in making recommendations because I feel that certain mattresses are starting to cater to a very wide range of sleepers.  I have noticed that certain mattresses I recommend have a much more consistent success rate than others.  In general, I will do a full analysis of the construction of the mattress and then test it out on my own.  Then, if there’s enough data and reviews available online, I’ll try to piece everything together and come up with a consensus about the mattress.  From there, I’ll be able to tell confidently whether I can make a general recommendation.

It’s getting easier to do my job as the quality of mattress construction is certainly improving as time moves on.  While whether someone will like a mattress does depend on the unique circumstances of the individual, I have noticed that I’m having a much better success rate in my recommendations, given how high quality and high value the mattress options have become.  Cheers to you, mattress industry!

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