First Look: Zenhaven

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Saatva has released a new product, called Zenhaven.  It’s very unique because it is a natural-latex mattress that sells online-only.  There are a lot of latex mattresses out there in the market, but very few of them actually uses natural latex.  Most are synthetic or blended.  It should be interesting to see how this product fares because it is so unique and because it is at a higher price point ($1,899 for a Queen).  Here are some main takeaways that I find interesting about the product.


Some of my readers are concerned about buying online because they are worried that the mattress will be too firm or too soft.  Some online-only mattress companies combat this by having multiple firmness options.  You can also always get a topper to make the necessary adjustments.  However, this mattress takes it a step further by providing two comfort levels in one.  It’s flippable, so you have a greatly increased chance of finding the right firmness level with this mattress.

Actually All-Natural

A lot of companies talk about how green their product is.  In many cases, those claims can be exaggerations at best. This is especially true for mattresses with latex.  In most cases, latex mattresses use synthetic latex.  Zenhaven is one mattress where they are actually using natural latex.  Doing this is more expensive to make of course, but it makes the mattress very unique compared to all the other latex mattresses out there.


Latex mattresses are known for being bouncy, and this mattress should be no different.  This makes it very responsive to your movements.  Some people don’t like the slow-moving feel of memory foam.  That type of person might love this mattress because it will move immediately with you.  It also makes a great mattress for sex.


Many mattress execs have told me they feel latex is the best sleeping surface because it provides all the pressure relief of memory foam without the feeling of sinking in too much, getting stuck in the mattress, and sleeping hot.  I expect this mattress to have a middle of the road feel where there is good pressure relief but you sleep “on” the mattress rather than sinking into it.


If there is any big complaint about all-natural mattresses, it is that they are very heavy.  Luckily with Zenhaven they hand deliver the mattress for you.  But if you ever felt like you would need to move the mattress around with some regularity, this might be an issue because it’s going to be super heavy.  For most people it shouldn’t be an issue but it’s something to note.

Real Luxury

The specs of this mattress seem to cut zero corners.  It looks like they have pulled out all the stops to make it a truly luxurious experience.  The choice of all natural instead of synthetic across the entire mattress is Exhibit A for that argument.


It’s too early to say how things will play out with this mattress.  The initial reviews are looking promising, but we’ll have to wait a few months to get a significant amount of customer feedback.  It looks to have all the makings of a successful mattress.  It’s targeting a unique price point in the online-only space and provides a value proposition that hasn’t been met yet by really anyone yet in this market.  I’ll be keeping an eye out to see how this mattress performs.  I’ve always thought someone would aim for a higher price point in the online-only market, and Zenhaven has accomplished a unique way of doing so.

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