Issues To Consider For Couples

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There are certain issues that are specific to people sleeping with a partner that you will want to keep in mind as you go your mattress shopping.  You of course want to make sure that you get a high-quality bed, but there are more particular issues that you will want to be aware of as well.  I’ll go through a few of them here.

Sleeping Hot

This becomes more of an issue when you add a second person to the mattress.  The excess human heat can make the “sleeping hot” issue a bigger deal and something you’ll definitely want to keep in mind when doing your shopping.  If you get a foam mattress, make extra sure that the mattress does a good job at addressing this.

Motion Isolation

You definitely don’t want to be woken up by your partner in the middle of the night because he/she moved around a little bit.  You can help eliminate this issue by getting a mattress with great motion isolation.  You probably didn’t think to look for this in your mattress, but it can really improve your quality of sleep.

Edge Support

Edge support becomes more of an issue when you have two people taking up the width of the mattress.  You want a mattress with really good edge support so that the sides don’t start to sag and it’s awkward to sleep on the sides of the mattress.

Speed Of Conforming

If you have a foam mattress, it’s potentially important to get a mattress that conforms quickly.  If your partner moves a little bit, you don’t want to have to wait 10 seconds for the bed to conform accordingly.  You probably want a mattress that conforms a little more quickly.


One reason I like Sleep Number beds (see more here) is that you can separate the firmness of the bed into two halves.  If you like the bed more firm and your partner doesn’t, then this type of bed can make it so you both are happy.  This isn’t an issue at all if you sleep by yourself, but if you sleep with a partner, getting this type of adjustable bed might be something you would want to consider.

There are certainly other considerations, but this is a quick list that hopefully gets you started.

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