Memory Foam People

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From my experience in the industry, I’ve noticed that there are many ways to bucket potential shoppers.  One such bucketing that I’ve found to be true is that there are people who really like memory foam and then there are people who just don’t like the feel no matter how good the mattress is.  I try to caution people who are considering memory foam for the first time.  A lot of times people will be really happy with their purchase, but certain people just don’t like the feel, and even if it’s the best memory foam created on earth, they just won’t like the mattress.

Not all memory foam mattresses were created equal, but there are always common characteristics that they share that some people love and some people just can’t get their head around.  Certain models do a great job of addressing the common complaints associated with memory foam.  For example, with the “sleeping hot” issue, gel layers and/or bio-based foams can do a great job of keeping the mattress cool at night.  Higher density foam directly addresses the issue of “sinking in” too much, another common complaint associated with this type of mattress.

However, there is a particular feel that you get with memory foam that some people can’t get enough of and others just can’t get into.  I just wanted to throw out this observation in case you were thinking about getting a memory foam mattress or you currently have one but were thinking of getting a different type of mattress next.

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