Leesa Mattress Unboxing and First Impressions

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See how to unbox the Leesa Sleep mattress in the video below

Things to note when unboxing the Leesa mattress:

  1. The mattress will be very compact, so expect it will take up to 24 hours to fully decompress (you can still sleep on the mattress before it fully decompresses)
  2. There may be a slight smell (called off gassing), which happens when unpacking all foam mattresses.  This smell was very light for the Leesa, and should be totally gone within 24 hours.  If you’re very sensitive to this smell, you may want to sleep elsewhere for 1-2 nights until the smell is totally gone.
  3. The Leesa Sleep team has promised great customer support, so contact them with any issues.  Please let me know how you like the mattress if you end up purchasing it!

If you do end up buying, make sure to use a Leesa promo code when buying for a discount.  And check out my Leesa mattress review for more information on my experience sleeping on the mattress.

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