Lull Mattress Review

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The Lull mattress is a new and uniquely designed mattress sold exclusively online.  The mattress has a top layer of memory foam, then a second layer of latex-like foam, making for a very interesting (and comfortable) feel.

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My Experience

I slept on the Lull mattress for about a week and really enjoyed the experience.  I’m mostly a side sleeper (with the occasional stomach thrown in) and the mattress left me sleeping well all night.  It feels like a memory foam mattress, but it’s pretty easy to move around and shift positions.  My wife  actually liked it even more than I did, so it might be one that sticks around for a while.

The big takeaway was the comfort, it’s really nice for a side sleeper especially.  It offers good support, but isn’t too soft like some mattresses, so I didn’t get sore or tense muscles throughout the night.


Personally I really don’t have any serious complaints.  It has the same drawback as the other online-only mattresses, like you can’t try it out in stores and whatnot.  They’re also a very new company, so there aren’t too many reviews from sleepers of varying preferences.

Sleeping hot?

I tried the mattress out in the New York late fall, so it’s not a great test for sleeping hot.  That being said, I had no issue with it at all, and they did design it very intentionally, so I wouldn’t anticipate a problem in most normal climates.

Lull vs Tempurpedic

If you’re looking at Lull, you may also be looking at Tempurpedic.  They have pretty similar feels, but Lull actually has a bit more spring than your average Tempurpedic.  The most direct comparison in terms of specs and quality would come in at a lower-end Tempurpedic (priced around $2500).  So it may not have a lot of the features or zing of a high end Tempurpedic, but at this price for this quality, it’s a steal.

Final Recommendation

The Lull mattress is definitely one of the better ones that I have tried.  It’s very comfortable and feels like quality, definitely on the high end when compared to the other online mattress options.  Let me know if you have any follow-up questions in the comments!

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