Yogabed Mattress Review

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This is the review of the Yogabed mattress after sleeping on it for one month. Overall I liked the mattress with only a couple small complaints.

Yogabed Mattress Review


  • Has more spring than traditional memory foam, making it easier to move around when sleeping (doesn’t have that sinking in feeling)
  • Does not sleep hot – a big priority for me.  Read more on the mattress construction to learn why
  • Online-only delivery model that provides high value product
  • Removable mattress cover (good for cleaning)
  • 101 night risk free trial period (full refund within this time period)
  • Free pillows with mattress purchase!


  • New mattress smell lasts a little longer than other mattresses – think 2-3 days for me, rather than totally gone in 24 hours.
  • Only one firmness available, so if you have a strong preference for firm or soft, currently there is no option for you.
  • Slightly more motion transfer than traditional memory foam – still very little, but may be an issue for a very sensitive sleeper.

Mattress Construction
The most interesting aspect of the Yogabed is that the cover is removable (for washing purposes), allowing you to actually see the foam layers for yourself if interested. You’ll see that the mattress consists of four layers of foam, with the top two being proprietary foams developed by Yogabed. The layers include:

  • 0.75 inches of Yoga Instant Response foam.  This is described by Yogabed as a “highly reactionary foam” and really inspires the name Yogabed.  It alludes to a Yoga mat, being a highly reactive foam that provides support and comfort while springing back quickly (unlike memory foam).  The aim is for support without that feeling of sinking into a mattress that some foams provide
  • 1.75 inches of YogaGel foam.  This layer again is important for providing the comfort and support tradeoff offered by Yogabed, but also is important for preventing the mattress from sleeping hot.  Yogabed claims that this layer has 7x the thermal conductivity of memory foam, providing more air flow (I had no issue with the mattress sleeping hot personally).
  • 6.5 inches of high density foam.  The meat and potatoes of the mattress, this layer is a memory foam that Yogabed says again is created to be more “breathable” than traditional memory foam.
  • 1 inch of super high density foam.  This layer provides a solid base for the mattress

Overall the mattress is 10 inches thick and all component are CertiPUR-US® certified.

Moving Yogabed
If bringing up stairs, you may need a friend to help move it!

Firmness, Comfort, and Support

I found the mattress very comfortable, and offered great support.  Initially I had some back pain during the first week of sleeping on the mattress, but I think this was more life related than back related (I have a bad back in general).  I had no issue with back pain for the rest of the sleep trial, and found it to be very comfortable.

As the Yogabed name implies, the feel is very distinct compared to a typical foam mattress.  It definitely has more spring than the average memory foam mattress, though as a result it has a slight bit of motion transfer (just a tiny bit, but some).

The firmness is targeted to the average sleeper preference, I’d say a 6 out of 10 firmness.

Online sales model

Though the Yogabed mattress was created by some mattress industry veterans, they decided to follow the recent trend and sell online-only.  The advantage is that they got to design a mattress  with components that they knew would sell for significantly more in the standard mattress retail model.  By going online only, the pass a lot of the savings onto the consumer.  Thus at the Yogabed price point, I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find a mattress of equal quality sold at a place like Sleepy’s or Mattress Firm.

Return Policy and Warranty

Yogabed again followed the trend online to offer a risk-free home trial of 101 nights.  This means that you can return the mattress for a full refund, no questions asked.  The warranty looks pretty standard for the mattress industry, extending 10 years.


For those that make eco-friendliness a priority, this mattress probably won’t do the trick.  It’s made of memory foam, which is not the most eco-friendly product across the board.  Just a fact of the foam (Yogabed is no better or worse than other memory foam mattresses).  Yogabed does get credit CertiPUR-US, which means the foam has no ozone depleters, no PDBE flame retardants, no mercury/lead/other heavy metals, no formaldehyde, and fewer than 0.5 VOC (volatile organic compound) particles/million.

The business model is also much more eco-friendly than the traditional mattress model.  Mattresses are big and heavy, so the more you ship them around, the more energy required.  Shipping straight to you and cutting out the middle man is a bonus for the environment.

Yogabed Mattress Review Final Word

Yogabed has definitely put together a quality mattress with high value proposition.  Using the online only sales model, they have outdone many other mattresses at this price point.  That being said, being happy with a mattress really comes down to preference (one mattress does not suit all).  If you’re at least somewhat interested in Yogabed, I would recommend giving it a try – I had a good experience, and with the 101 risk free trial, there’s no chance you’re going to be stuck with a bed you don’t like.


  1. How does yoga bed compare with casper?

    • Very similar price and business model – the difference really comes down to the choice of foam used and the resulting feel. Yogabed has a little bit more spring than Casper, and generally firmness is pretty close.

  2. How would you compare the leesa and yogabed? I am a back sleeper and am used to firmer mattresses. Are there any foam beds that are better for sex? I’ve done it on foam toppers and sinking into it makes it a lot of hard work!

    • Hey Andy! I’d say the Leesa is slightly firmer than Yogabed, but only slightly so. Some foam betters are definitely better than others for sex – both Yogabed and Leesa have some spring to them. They’re of course not as “springy” as spring mattresses, but they’re much better than traditional memory foam.

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