Business Analysis Of Loom & Leaf Launch

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I have a business background too, so sometimes I like to take a deep dive into the strategy that mattress companies take.  A few of the online mattress companies have the main marketing message that their mattress is the one perfect mattress for just about everybody.  That claim is “within reason,” of course, because some people just need a low-quality mattress for the summer, for instance, and don’t want to pay several hundred dollars for a mattress.  While making the claim that the company has provided the perfect mattress is a really good marketing message, especially when the sheer number of options at some stores can really discourage and confuse people, to me this may limit what these companies can do going forward.  Companies are always looking to grow, and a lot of times that means adding new products to the product line.

This is where Saatva and Loom & Leaf come in.  Saatva definitely makes the claim that it is a great fit for all types of sleepers.  I have reviewed the mattress very favorably and still feel quite strongly about it (see my full review here).  So, this company is one of the companies I’m talking about.  In order to grow, the company created the new brand Loom and Leaf.  If Saatva is perfect for just about everybody, what does that mean for Loom & Leaf (read my Loom & Leaf review here)

loom & leaf launch

Well, in this case, I think Loom & Leaf really hits the part of the market that Saatva doesn’t hit.  From my experience, there is a percentage of the mattress buying customer base that just prefers memory foam.  Memory foam has a specific feel to it that some people really enjoy (while others feel the opposite).  For those memory foam people, Saatva probably doesn’t fit them the best, as it’s an innerspring with a foam component.  I believe Saatva created the Loom & Leaf brand for this specific reason.  They wanted to create a brand that would best fit this niche within the market.  Overall, I think it’s a great strategy from a business standpoint because I truly do believe there are “memory foam people” and then everybody else.  This way the company can cater its two brands to just about everyone in the market.

I think it’s an interesting story and I will be curious to see how both brands fare in the short and long-term.

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