5 Vs 10 Inch- Which Is Better For You?

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If you are considering getting a Tuft and Needle mattress, you will need to decide whether you want to get the 5 or 10 inch mattress.  I just wanted to provide some quick information to help you distinguish between the two.

You should first know that the 10 inch mattress is a standard foam mattress size and is what most people would associate with a normal foam mattress.  Tuft and Needle claims it’s their flagship product and the vast majority of customers purchase it.  It has the best support and weight capacity of the two and is what I would recommend for just about everyone.  There are certain situations where you might want to get the 5 inch, but you should just know that the 10 inch is going to be the higher quality feeling mattress and it will be the best fit for most people.

Situations where you might want to consider the 5 inch:

  • The person sleeping on it will be very lightweight.  The 10 inch has a standard weight capacity and support level, but if the person sleeping on the mattress doesn’t weigh very much, the 5 inch will be more than fine.
  • Similar to the previous bullet point, the 5 inch may be more appropriate for children who don’t need the full support of the 10 inch.
  • The mattress will only be used occasionally, like in a guest room or guest house.  In those situations, the 5 inch will definitely suffice.  For normal-sized adults who sleep on the mattress every night, the 10 inch is more appropriate.

There are definitely other situations where the 5 inch may be more appropriate, but the main thing to note here is that you should go for the 10 inch unless you really feel like you have unique circumstances.  If you are still really unsure, just send the company a message and they’ll get back to you pretty quickly.

The other main thing to note is the price difference.  Generally, the 10 inch will be about $150 more than the 5 inch.  When thinking about how much time you will spend on your mattress and how important it is for your overall health, this price difference should be negligible.  If you are right for the 10 inch, don’t let $150 prevent you from getting it.

That’s really all that there needs to be said.  Go for the 10 inch unless you feel like you have unique circumstances.

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