Puppies Excelling at Sleep

At Slumber Sage we know that not being able to sleep is a very taxing problem for many people.  To rub it in, we found some extremely cute puppies that are sleeping their brains out.  Enjoy!   And the guy that can’t sleep because of the worst issue ever…   If you want to sleep like these cute pups,  choose ...

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My Experience In Providing Mattress Recommendations

Mattress Recommendation Track Record

I’ve reviewed a lot of mattresses in my day (see my list here) and have certainly slept on a lot of different mattresses.  Most of my recommendations turn out very well, but I don’t always have a 100% hit rate.  I’ve noticed over the years that it just isn’t possible to nail down what the perfect mattress would be for ...

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Sleeping Pads – Types and Uses

Sleeping pads rolled

Sleeping Pad Sleeping pads help make your camping trip more comfortable, placing a layer between you and the hard — and sometimes rocky — ground. Though the comfort is nice, it’s also an additional item to pack in the car and carry to the site. Prices can range from just $20 to several hundred depending on the style and quality ...

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The Downside Of A Mattress That’s Really Comfortable

We all love the feeling of having an amazingly comfortable mattress.  I know that after having an especially tough work day, it’s really nice to know that I’m going to jump into a really comfortable bed that will put me to sleep and keep me asleep through the night.  The positive effects of having a great, comfortable mattress are plentiful ...

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My Recent Experience Going Into A Mattress Store

just a mattress retail store

I thought it would be really interesting to walk into a mattress store and see what the experience would be like.  I wanted to see how the salespeople would interact with me and see whether they would try to push certain mattresses on me versus others.  Maybe I have too much time on my hands.  I’m not really sure, but ...

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Taking A Look Ahead At What’s In Store For 2015

mattress industry predictions

2014 was a very exciting year for the mattress industry.  We saw the explosion of online-only companies and a number of further innovations in the industry.  Casper really brought a lot of attention to the industry and made people take a fresh look at how they buy mattresses (see our review here).  They weren’t alone though, as Tuft and Needle ...

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