Loom And Leaf Mattress Review

Overview The Loom & Leaf mattress is a very interesting concept that I’ve been excited to review – a high-end mattress sold exclusively online, aiming to compete with the top memory foam mattresses on the market (See how Loom & Leaf compares to other retailers HERE).  Let’s get into the pros and cons. Click Here To See How Loom & Leaf ...

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Why are mattresses so expensive?

mattress markups

If you’ve been shopping for a mattress recently, you’ve likely experienced some sticker shock.  Mattresses will regularly sell for as cheap as $150 and as expensive as $8,000 – and to many it’s difficult to see what the additional dollars are really getting you in terms of a better sleeping experience. Unfortunately, in many cases the answer is – nothing.  Mattresses ...

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You Get What You Pay For With Mattresses

I’m obviously a little biased, but the mattress buying decision is one of the more important decisions you can make for your health and overall well-being.  The economy has certainly been rough over the last several years and many people don’t have the means or desire to spend a whole bunch of money on a mattress.  I want to convince ...

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Ways A Good Mattress Positively Impacts Your Life

If you sleep on a bad mattress, you are probably familiar with how a poor quality mattress can negatively impact your life.  You might wake up sore or with back pain.  You might wake up multiple times in the middle of the night.  Whatever it is, there are plenty of ways that a bad mattress can have pervasive effects on ...

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Puppies Excelling at Sleep

At Slumber Sage we know that not being able to sleep is a very taxing problem for many people.  To rub it in, we found some extremely cute puppies that are sleeping their brains out.  Enjoy!   And the guy that can’t sleep because of the worst issue ever…   If you want to sleep like these cute pups,  choose ...

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My Experience In Providing Mattress Recommendations

Mattress Recommendation Track Record

I’ve reviewed a lot of mattresses in my day (see my list here) and have certainly slept on a lot of different mattresses.  Most of my recommendations turn out very well, but I don’t always have a 100% hit rate.  I’ve noticed over the years that it just isn’t possible to nail down what the perfect mattress would be for ...

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Sleeping Pads – Types and Uses

Sleeping pads rolled

Sleeping Pad Sleeping pads help make your camping trip more comfortable, placing a layer between you and the hard — and sometimes rocky — ground. Though the comfort is nice, it’s also an additional item to pack in the car and carry to the site. Prices can range from just $20 to several hundred depending on the style and quality ...

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Avena Foam – Why the Leesa mattress sleeps cool

Avena from Leesa mattress

Avena foam is now on the radar because we now find 2 inches of it on top of the Leesa mattress.  Avena is claimed to be a latex alternative, so I decided to dig more into this foam to see if it lives up to the hype. Avena basics aims to offer the support and comfort of memory foam without ...

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