What is the top luxury mattress available?

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There is no one best luxury mattress.  It really depends on what you are looking for.  If you have a budget of $20,000 to spend on a mattress, then you can afford to buy the highest quality mattress in the world.  However, you can still spend under $1,000 and get a very high quality luxury bed that will last for a long time.  Here are a few things you should consider if you are looking for a top premium mattress.

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This is really important.  While support and comfort are definitely very important attributes, durability is often over-looked.  Even if you feel comfortable in a bed, if it won’t last very long you shouldn’t purchase it.  This is where it’s important to read reviews of people who have had their mattress for a few years.  If they are still happy with it after all this time, that is a really good sign.  If they’ve had to flip their mattress over already, that is a major red flag.  You want to make sure your mattress is built to last or you will regret buying it.


This is probably what most people associate with luxury.  What are common components of a bed that is considered luxurious?  Well, there is significant variation, but having a pillow top (especially a euro pillow top) is common amongst them, as well as a high number of coils in the base.  Some of them have a memory foam component to them, while not being a totally memory foam mattress.  You can look at various mattress comparison charts to see how different luxury brands compare in their construction.


This is big.  There is a pretty big price discrepancy between many different brands in this space.  If you pay $3,000 versus $1,000 for your bed, you want to make sure that the quality and the experience is at least 3x greater than your $1,000 choice.  This is always difficult to gauge.  If you are buying at a retail store, then you should know that there are substantial sales around President’s Day and certain other parts of the year.  Getting a more expensive mattress on sale can make the value that much bigger for you.  There are also certain brands that sell directly online.  Those mattresses are always significantly less expensive than their counterparts at retail stores.


A luxury mattress should be able to alleviate any discomfort and pain in your neck, back, and shoulders.  A firmer mattress is generally better for this reason (and you definitely don’t want to get a water bed if you have discomfort).  Make sure the construction of the mattress is built not only for comfort but also for support.  This is where coil count and construction materials matter.  Again, it’s important to look at the various mattress comparison charts available on the Internet to delineate between the different manufacturers.

Read Lots of Reviews

You should read a lot of reviews of each brand you are considering.  Read enough so that you get a common consensus.  Not everyone’s experience will be the same, so don’t just rely on one or two reviews, but rather read a good number to make sure you make a great decision.

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