Finding A Mattress That Is Fit For Side Sleepers

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Sleeping on your side is the most natural position for the majority of sleepers.  If you have self-identified as a side sleeper, then you should try to match this sleeping style with a particular mattress type that is well suited for it.  But what is the best mattress for side sleepers?  It depends of course, just like anything else.  However, here are a few common traits that you should look out for.

A little softer

If you sleep on your side, then you are putting the most pressure on your shoulders and your hips.  A mattress that is a little bit softer is ideal to relieve the pressure on your shoulders.  While a more firm mattress would be good if you slept consistently on your back, in this case, you will probably want a mattress that is a little bit softer than average so you don’t feel uncomfortable while sleeping and you don’t wake up with sore shoulders and hips.

best mattress for side sleepers

Contours to your body

Because there is so much pressure on your shoulders and your hips, you may want to look into a memory foam mattress or a mattress that is a hybrid with a memory foam component.  These mattresses are perfect for relieving pressure points and contouring to your body.  Ideally, your shoulder and hips would be able to sink into the mattress, while the mattress also flexes upward and supports your lower back.  This contouring is especially prevalent in memory foam mattresses, so you should at least take a look at them.  They also allow your body to sleep with a natural posture, which means you will be less likely to have back pain.

Not too much sinking in

While a softer mattress and one that contours to your body is ideal for sleeping on your side, you will want to make sure that the mattress isn’t too soft and gives too much.  If that happens, you will lose the proper and natural sleeping posture and lose support for your back.  This kind of thing can get you into trouble and potentially lead to back pain.


If there is a memory foam mattress that doesn’t sink too much, that could be a great option.  Similarly, if there is a latex mattress that is a little softer, it could also be a really great option.  Additionally, there are new mattresses that have come out recently that are hybrids and claim to have all of the elements that I’ve listed above.  Saatva, Casper, and Essentia come to mind as hybrids that contour to your body and are a perfect blend of pressure-relieving and supportive.  With all this being said, there are plenty of good options out there for you if you sleep on your side, and you shouldn’t worry that there won’t be a good mattress for you.


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