Best Mattress For People that Sleep on their Stomach

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The best mattress for stomach sleepers depends on a few factors.  For one, you have to figure out how much of your sleep is spent on your stomach versus how much time if spent on your side or on your back.  If you sleep on your stomach, you need to be able to breathe.  In order to make this work properly, the mattress should be cushiony.  This is where potentially memory foam could be a good choice for you.   Memory foam will give and contour to your body.  That is the optimal thing to have happen if you are sleeping on your stomach.  You want to have some support, so having, for example, a waterbed is not the best option.  At the same time, as long as you have a decent amount of support, you want to make sure your mattress will contour to your stomach so you can still breathe properly.  You have to be the once to decide how to balance those two things together.  Unfortunately, almost all mattress manufacturers don’t make beds specifically for those who will sleep almost always on their stomachs.

Best mattress for stomach sleepers

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