Duxiana Mattresses – Pros and Cons

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Duxiana, provider of the Dux beds, is a luxury mattress provider hailing from Sweden.  The company has a unique take on mattresses that I felt compelled to investigate.  Here is my review of the Dux beds.


The company that makes the Duxiana bed has been a family-owned business out of Sweden for a long time now.  The Dux bed did not come to the US until 1977.  Now, the Dux bed is available in 28 stores across the United States.  There are other products by this company, but the main focus is the Dux bed.

Goal of Construction

The company makes the claim that the mattress is constructed based on several decades of research.  The mattress is constructed to alleviate back pain and provide an optimal sleep experience by providing the perfect sleeping posture for its users.  The mattress positions the sleeper so that the spine is perpendicular to the users’ hips, which allows the muscles in the lower body to relax fully.  The company claims this allows people to go to sleep much faster, and they can enjoy up to an additional hour of deep sleep.  The results of this sleep experience can have tremendously positive impacts on an individual’s life.  Ergonomically correct sleeping is maybe the company’s biggest selling point.

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Alleviating Back Pain

The company really tries to emphasize how well the Dux bed combats back pain.  They highlight the dynamic contouring support of the mattress and the ability to customize it based on your height and weight to be ergonomically optimal.  The continuous coil construction of the mattress allows your hips and shoulders to sink in, relieving pressure points, while it is also raised to support the lower back.  This allows your body to sleep in the most natural position possible.  The company’s Pascal Cassette system is what allows you to customize it.  You can adjust the individual cassettes to provide the optimal sleeping experience based on your height, weight, and preferences.  The system is really impressive and can certainly allow for a great experience that is tremendous ergonomically.


There are four Dux bed models.  They range in quality and price and differ depending on what exactly you are looking for.  The Dux Axion, for example has elevation capabilities, so that may or may not be something you are looking for.  The fact that you can customize the mattress to your needs is a big reason why they don’t need to offer a large number of models.


The mattress has a continuous-coil construction that is made from strong Swedish steel.  The springs are small and thin, making them very dynamic.  The latex component of the mattress is a blended latex.  It combines natural latex from rubber trees with a synthetic latex.  The company claims this creates a “best of both worlds” scenario where the latex is of super-high quality and durability.  Overall, the company constructed the mattress with a component strategy, where certain parts of the mattress can easily be repaired or replaced.  This is an interesting aspect that can help maintain the longevity of the mattress.

Possible Drawbacks

Overall, the mattresses that the company provides are really great and do work to alleviate back pain quite effectively.  The main drawback is the price.  The price can be up to several thousands of dollars.  If back pain is a real issue for you and you are willing to spend the money to find solutions to help fix the problem, then you should definitely consider the Dux bed.  However, for other people, I would caution that you can probably get a better deal with some other companies.  One thing to note, however, is that with the component strategy of construction, the Dux bed should last much longer than a typical mattress.  That should then factor into your cost equation.

Also, with 28 stores across the US, it may be difficult to get your hands on one.  There have been some reports about a less-than-optimal return policy,so that is definitely something you should consider before taking the plunge and buying one of these mattresses.


Overall, the quality of Duxiana is quite high and the mattresses can be tremendous for alleviating back pain.  The construction is really great and the component strategy is awesome for extra longevity.  I really like the customizing that you can do to get to the perfect sleeping experience.  However, with limited availability and a high ticket price, you may want to at least consider some other options if you are on a budget.

I hope you enjoyed our Duxiana review.  Thanks for stopping by!

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