The Essentia Mattress – Luxury and Eco-friendly?

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Essentia is a very unique company because they offer truly natural/organic mattresses.  With such a unique take on mattresses, I wanted to investigate this company and see how their mattresses compared to the other brands that I have tried.  Here is my Essentia review.


Essentia has seven different mattress models.  They range significantly in price and in what makes up the mattress (although all mattresses are organic and natural).  The firmness, support, comfort, etc. varies significantly, so you can definitely find the perfect mattress for what you are looking for with one of their seven models.  If you like choice and testing out different mattress types, you will like what this company has to offer.


All of the models claim to contain natural memory foam (Read my article about organic mattresses here).  The foam comes from rubber tree sap and makes them the only company to produce truly natural memory foam mattresses.  A lot of companies claim to make natural/organic/eco-friendly mattresses, but in most cases the mattresses are still mainly made with petrochemicals.  Essentia produces a truly natural mattress.  That is something that needs to be noted.

A lot of mattresses use chemicals to pass fire retardant standards.  Essentia instead wraps their mattresses in kevlar fabric.  In addition to this, the company passes all the right tests for being certified natural and organic in our book.  They use natural memory, natural latex, organic cotton, hypo-allergenic materials, etc.  They do not have a single spring/coil in them, which can often attract dust mites, mold, and mildew.  They seem to have every angle covered when it comes to eco-friendliness.  If you are looking for a truly organic mattress, Essentia is a company you need to at least consider.


With the range of models that Essentia provides, you can easily find a mattress that provides the optimal level of comfort and support for you.  Their mattresses are very comfortable and really just feel great.  You can find a firmer or softer mattress model depending on your tastes.  These mattresses definitely sleep much less hot than other traditional memory foam mattresses as well.


Essentia provides free shipping, which is an awesome aspect of the company that definitely differentiates them from others in the industry.  The company also provides a very friendly return policy with its 60-day money-back guarantee.  In addition, the company provides a 20-year prorated warranty.  All in all, Essentia provides very friendly customer service policies, which is quite refreshing in this industry.  For this reason, you will not see Essentia promo codes available online.

Essentia Mattress Review


Because the company provides truly organic mattresses, the cost of the mattress is necessarily higher.  The mattress models range from just over $1,000 to just over $4,000.  Currently, you can get a discount of $150 off for every $1,000 spent, which makes the mattresses a little bit more affordable.  I do think the benefits of a natural mattress with extremely friendly customer service policies are quite high.  I also believe that these mattresses will last much longer than most other mattresses you can find.  With that said, I still think the value of these mattresses is quite good.

If you can either go to one of their stores or buy online, I think Essentia provides a very unique group of mattresses.  If you can afford them, you will almost certainly be happy your purchased one.

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