Reverie adjustable bed and latex mattress review

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Reverie is a luxury adjustable mattress bed that raises a person’s lower or upper body for improved comfort and support.  Reverie is a pricey product, and definitely comes in at the high end of the market in terms of price.  Today the review will see if this bed is worth the extra investment.  A great overview of Reverie can be seen in the following video:

Reverie has three products, the 3E (Essential Plus), the 5D (Deluxe) and the S7(Supreme), with prices ranging from $900-$3800 depending on the model and size of the mattress.

Presets The Essential Plus model has the 1-tch flat preset, while the other two models have additional features, including TV, zero gravity, and antisnore presets.  These presets are some of the most comprehensive and advanced available on the market for adjustable beds.

Adjustment control Various models offer either wired or wireless control.  The firmness can also be easily adjusted for each side of the bed, letting each partner have a bed that really matches their comfort and support needs.

Additional features Both the Deluxe and Supreme offer a massage feature, which is thought to be one of the better in the industry.  Reverie also offers a white glove delivery system, where a team will deliver and assemble the bed in your home, a really nice feature since many adjustable beds can be a rather complex install.  Word is that the staff is professional and truly cares about the customer.  Finally, the best aspect of the Reverie is the 101 night free trial, so you’ll have plenty of time to see if this bed really suits your needs.

Cons Reverie is definitely a great product, and isn’t as appreciated as it should be because they don’t have the marketing prowess of other mattress companies.  The biggest con is certainly the price – in the case of Reverie, if you want a quality product, you are definitely going to pay for it.  Some of their closest competitors such as LP D, Rize Contemporary, or Tempurpedic Ergo Premier offer a great product at a more value-oriented price.

Overall we enjoyed creating this Reverie mattress review, and highly recommend the mattress if you have the cash.

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